Joint Expert Technical Advisory Committee on Antibiotic Resistance (JETACAR)

AHMC JETACAR Taskforce was disbanded in 2002

Page last updated: 21 April 2010

This Taskforce consisted of State and Territory representatives and was appointed by the Australian Health Ministers' Conference (AHMC) to monitor the implementation process and report progress to the Minister for Health and Ageing. The group also assisted Commonwealth Interdepartmental JETACAR Implementation Group (CIJIG) by providing advice in specific areas of expertise.

AHMC has completed its work and was disbanded in 2002.

AHMC JETACAR Taskforce terms of reference

  1. To facilitate implementation of the recommendations of the JETACAR report in cooperation with the Commonwealth and having regard to the Commonwealth Government response to the JETACAR report.
  2. To monitor progress towards implementation of the recommendations of the JETACAR report and to consult with the Commonwealth and other key stakeholders in preparation of a progress report.
  3. To report to AHMC by 1 July 2001.

The then Agriculture and Resource Management Council of Australia and New Zealand (ARMCANZ) similarly appointed the then SCARM JETACAR Taskforce to monitor the JETACAR implementation from the animal industry perspective.