Marketing in Australia of Infant Formulas: Manufacturers and Importers Agreement

Marketing in Australia of Infant Formulas: Manufacturers and Importers Agreement 1992 (MAIF Agreement)

Page last updated: 16 June 2017

The MAIF Agreement has operated since 1992, as a voluntary, self-regulatory, code of conduct between the manufacturers and importers of infant formula in Australia. It is Australia’s response to the World Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes 1981 (WHO Code). The MAIF Agreement applies to those Australian manufacturers and importers of infant formula who are signatories to the MAIF Agreement.

The MAIF Agreement aims to contribute to the provision of safe and adequate nutrition for infants, by the protection and promotion of breastfeeding and by ensuring the proper use of breast milk substitutes, when they are necessary, on the basis of adequate information through appropriate marketing and distribution.

Current signatories to the MAIF Agreement include:

  • Abbott Australasia Pty Ltd
  • Aspen Nutritionals Australia Pty Ltd
  • Australian Dairy Park Pty Ltd
  • Bayer Australia Ltd
  • H J Heinz Company Australia Ltd
  • The Infant Food Co. Pty Limited
  • Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co.Limited
  • Nature One Dairy Pty Ltd
  • Nestlé Australia Ltd
  • Nutricia Australia Pty Ltd
  • A2 Corporation Ltd
  • Wattle Health Australia Limited

MAIF Agreement

The complaint process

Individuals, members of industry, community and consumer groups are able to lodge a complaint with the Department of Health alleging a breach of the MAIF Agreement.

Complaints should be submitted to the Department of Health on the Complaint Form.

More information on the complaint process.

Review of MAIF Complaints Handling Process

Online survey now open for the review of the MAIF Complaints Handling Process

The Australian Government Department of Health has commissioned an independent review of the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula (MAIF) Complaints Handling Process. We have appointed Nous Group, a management consultancy firm, to conduct the review. This review will focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of the complete complaints handling process.

Specifically, this review seeks to understand:

    1. How effective is the complaints handling process?

    2. How fair, timely and transparent is the complaints handling process?

    3. How efficient is the complaints handling process?

    4. What improvements could be made to the process?
As part of the review, we are seeking the views of stakeholders through an online survey process. We are particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has submitted a complaint under the MAIF agreement. By participating in the online survey process you will help improve the MAIF complaints handling process. All responses will remain confidential, and responses will be presented in aggregate form (e.g. 30% of respondents…).

The online survey can be found at MAIF Complaints Handling Process Review - Online Survey

The online survey will close at 5pm (AEST), Friday 30 June 2017.

Should you have any questions regarding this process or the review more broadly, please contact Naomi Lawless, Departmental Officer, Department of Health, via or

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