Private Patients' Hospital Charter Translations

This page contains links to translations of the Private Patients' Hospital Charter and Flyer

Page last updated: 04 March 2011

Click on the link of the appropriate language translation and save to a local drive.

English (PDF 496 KB)

Arabic written in ArabicArabic (PDF 153 KB)

Bosnian written in BosnianBosnian (PDF 106 KB)

Chinese written in Chinese Chinese (PDF 260 KB)

Croatian written in Croatian Croatian (PDF 100 KB)

Dinka (PDF 97 KB)

Farsi (PDF 162 KB)

Filipino - Tagalog (PDF 98 KB)

Greek written in Greek Greek (PDF 96 KB)

Hindi written in Hindi Hindi (PDF 258 KB)

Indonesian written in Indonesian Indonesian (PDF 105 KB)

Italian written in Italian Italian (PDF 114 KB)

Khmer written in KhmerKhmer (PDF 302 KB)

Korean written in KoreanKorean (PDF 253 KB)

Macedonian written in Macedonian Macedonian (PDF 102 KB)

Russian written in RussianRussian (PDF 106 KB)

Serbian written in Serbian Serbian (PDF 102 KB)

Spanish written in Spanish Spanish (PDF 120 KB)

Turkish written in Turkish Turkish (PDF 94 KB)

Vietnamese written in VietnameseVietnamese (PDF 125 KB)

If you are having problems downloading these PDFs, please send an email to for a copy to be sent to you.