2018 Private Health Insurance (PHI) Circulars

Private Health Insurance Circulars Issued since 1 January 2018

Page last updated: 12 June 2018


PHI 34/18 Hospital Declaration
PHI 33/18 Release of final 2018-19 data specifications for the HCP, HCP1, HCP2, GT-Dental, and PHDB data collections
PHI 32/18 Private Health Insurance (Data Provision) Rules 2018 and Private Health Insurance (Health Insurance Business) Rules 2018


PHI 31/18 Hospital Declaration
PHI 30/18 Hospital Declaration
PHI 29/18 Hospital Declaration
PHI 28/18 Two Year Clinical Evidence Requirements
PHI 27/18 Hospital Declaration
PHI 26/18 Hospital Declaration


PHI 25/18 Hospital Declaration
PHI 24/18 Private Health Insurance (Benefit Requirements) Amendment Rules 2018 (No.2)
PHI 23/18 Hospital Declaration
PHI 22/18 Private Health Insurance Prostheses List Reforms


PHI 21/18 Psychiatric Care Waiting Period Exemption Data Collection
PHI 20/18 Hospital Declaration
PHI 19/18 New Approved Transfer Certificate
PHI 18/18 Private Health Insurance (Complying Product) Amendment (Psychiatric Care) Rules 2018
PHI 17/18 Categorisation of 23 Hour Hospitals for Second Tier Default Benefits
PHI 16/18 Nursing Home Type Patient Contribution Rates and Minimum Benefits as at 20 March 2018
PHI 15/18 Changes to Second-Tier Eligible Hospitals
PHI 14/18 Private Health Insurance (Prostheses) Amendment Rules 2018 No. 1


PHI 13/18 Prostheses List - February 2018 Private Health Insurance (Prostheses) Rules 2018 No. 1
PHI 12/18 Hospital Declaration
PHI 11/18 New version of Check-It 2 released
PHI 10/18 Hospitals – Requirement to submit HCP and PHDB data
PHI 09/18 Hospital Declaration
PHI 08/18 Private Health Insurance – Rebate Adjustment Factor Effective 1 April 2018


PHI 07/18 2018 Private Health Insurance Premium Round Announcement
PHI 06/18 Rules Application Processing System (RAPS)
PHI 05/18 Hospital Declaration
PHI 04/18 Hospital Declaration
PHI 03/18 Hospital Declaration Information
PHI 02/18 Hospital Declaration Information
PHI 01/18 Recent amendment to Private Health Insurance legislation