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This circular issued by the Private Health Insurance Branch contains information on New Overseas Student Health Cover Deed of Agreement

Page last updated: 02 November 2012

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01 August 2011

New Overseas Student Health Cover Deed of Agreement

The Australian Government has entered into Deeds of Agreement for the period of 1 July 2011 to 1 July 2016 with the following health funds to provide OSHC:
  • Australian Health Management Group Ltd
  • BUPA Australia Health Pty Ltd
  • Lysaght Peoplecare (subcontracting to OSHC Worldcare)
  • Medibank Private Limited
  • nib
OSHC was introduced in March 1989 to provide self-funded medical and hospital cover for overseas students and their dependents. Changes have been made to the new Deed to ensure that the Australian Government’s policy objective in regard to OSHC continues to be met. Namely, that appropriate minimum standards for OSHC are in place so that overseas students have access to affordable medical treatment while studying in Australia. It is Government policy that OSHC should be funded at no, or minimal cost, to the Australian taxpayer and should minimize bad debts to Australian hospitals, doctors and other health professionals, while at the same time ensuring that the costs of health insurance does not serve as a disincentive to prospective overseas students.

The new OSHC Deed sets minimum coverage requirements which OSHC insurers are required to meet for all types of OSHC policies. The new minimum requirements provide flexibility in the OSHC market for overseas students to choose an appropriate product for their individual needs, balancing factors such as cost and coverage. Insurers also have more freedom to tailor OSHC policies above the minimum requirements to meet students and the educational sectors’ needs.

Registered health insurers are encouraged to review the Deed and to consider offering OSHC as part of their health-related business.

The new Deed of Agreement can be found on the Department’s website.

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