Pharmaceutical Benefits Remuneration Tribunal (PBRT)

Information on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Remuneration Tribunal (PBRT)

Page last updated: 03 December 2014

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Remuneration Tribunal (the Tribunal) is an independent statutory body established under section 98A of the National Health Act 1953 (the NHA).

The NHA provides that the Tribunal shall consist of a Chairperson appointed by the Governor-General and four additional members appointed by the Minister for Health for a period not exceeding three years on a part-time basis. The Chairperson shall be a person who holds office as either a Senior Deputy President or Deputy President of the FairWork Commission. At least one additional member must be a person who has been, but is no longer, engaged either directly or indirectly in community pharmacy. The Minister for Health makes this appointment following consultation with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

The main functions of the Tribunal are to make a determination to give effect to the terms of agreement between the government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia in relation to the remuneration that is to be paid to pharmacists for dispensing pharmaceutical benefits and to perform other functions required by that agreement (currently the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement).