Measuring Remoteness: Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) Revised Edition. Occasional Papers: New Series Number 14

The Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia, sponsored by the Department of Health and Aged Care, uses accessibility by road to services to develop a standard classification and index of remoteness.This revised edition was released in October 2001.

Page last updated: 29 October 2001


Measuring Remoteness: Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA)

The paper describes a geographic approach to measuring the concept of remoteness and the creation of a standard classification and index of remoteness that covers the whole of the country. The ARIA index is a valuable tool that can be used in policy development, implementation and evaluation to assist in targeting of programs to the various regions of Australia.

Measuring Remoteness: Accessibilty/Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) (PDF 103 KB)

Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 31 KB)

Appendix B: RRMA to ARIA Concordance (PDF 26 KB)

Appendix C: Service Centres (Population over 5,000) (PDF 16 KB)

Appendix D: Maps (PDF 3674 KB)

Appendix E: Aria Values for 1996 Statistical Local Areas (PDF 136 KB)

Appendix F: Aria Values for 1999 Statistical Local Areas (PDF 122 KB)

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