National Indigenous Cadetship Program

This page provides information about the National Indigenous Cadetship Program (NICP), which provides assistance and work placement opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Page last updated: 02 February 2011


The National Indigenous Cadetship Program (NICP), is an initiative, which provides assistance and work placement opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Students need to be studying an undergraduate full time degree at an Australian tertiary institution. On successful completion of their degree, the Cadet is automatically advanced to an APS3 position in their sponsoring division (home division).

The Cadet is employed under the Department's Collective Agreement. While studying, the Cadet is deemed on probation. The probationary period continues for another six months after the Cadet has been advanced to the APS 3 level.
Confirmation of ongoing employment status is dependent upon:

  • satisfactory completion of studies undertaken; and
  • satisfactory completion of the work placement component.

Cadetship components - Academic

  • The length of the Cadetship depends on the student's degree and at what point during their study did they apply for a Cadetship. Cadetships are generally for three-year degrees.
  • The Cadet APS is required to maintain a satisfactory grade level (passing all enrolled subjects in each semester) during the academic year.
  • The supervisor will remain in constant contact during this period, providing section updates and relevant departmental documentation.

Cadetship components - Work-placement

  • The Cadet APS is required to take up a work placement (on-the-job training) with the department during the end-of-year semester break. The work placement will extend from the end of one academic year to the commencement of the next academic year (December - February). The work placement is approximately a thirteen-week period.
  • The supervisor's role is to plan and prepare for the Cadet APS arrival. Set challenging work-placement tasks and projects that link to the Cadet APS studies, and provide coaching and assistance during their work placements.

Cadetship components - Leave entitlements

  • The Cadet APS may access any leave provision available in the Department's Collective Agreement.
  • Leave is accumulated during the year.
  • Any leave is negotiated and agreed to between the supervisor and the Cadet APS.

Further Assistance

For information about applying for a NICP placement please contact: Top of Page