Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for the joint Australia and New Zealand Food Regulation System

Page last updated: 29 October 2013

The stakeholder engagement strategy entitled ‘Engaging in the Australian and New Zealand Joint Food Regulation System’ was endorsed by the Food Regulation Standing Committee in 2013.

The Strategy can be accessed at the links below:

Printable version of the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for the Food Regulation System (PDF 2065 KB)
Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for the Food Regulation System (HTML)

The vision of the Strategy is to provide a co-operative and mutually beneficial approach to engagement that promotes clarity, integrity, trust and connectivity, to support a workable and effective joint Australian and New Zealand food regulation system.

The Strategy’s objective is to increase stakeholders’ awareness and understanding of the opportunities to engage, and to facilitate fair and equitable engagement among a diverse range of stakeholders.

Principles of Effective Engagement

The Strategy is underpinned by a set of core principles for effective engagement processes that are all of equal importance. These principles, which are described in more detail in the Strategy, are:
    1. A clear purpose, scope and outcomes;
    2. Appropriateness and structure;
    3. Open communication and collaboration;
    4. Inclusiveness and balance; and
    5. Commitment, accountability and transparency.

Background – Development of the Strategy

In late 2011, the Food Regulation Standing Committee agreed to develop a strategy to recognise the wide range of stakeholders in the joint Food Regulation System, and develop a systematic and consistent process for stakeholder engagement.

The Strategy has been developed collaboratively with a reference group of stakeholders in the joint Food Regulation System, including key representatives from government, consumer groups, industry and public health groups.

A draft strategy was released for public consultation from 15 June 2012 until 26 July 2012. Twenty-five submissions were received during the consultation period. An overview of submitters’ feedback is accessible at the link below:

Draft Stakeholder Engagement Strategy - Overview of Consultation Feedback (Word 46 KB)

Next Steps

The first project to implement the Strategy is to develop a new food regulation website.

The Food Regulation Secretariat has undertaken an extensive review of information provided by stakeholders during consultation processes carried out in past years, to see how this may guide the development of the new website.

A plan is also being developed for how to engage stakeholders in the design and testing of the new website to ensure that it ultimately meets users’ needs.

If you would like further information specifically about the website project please send an email to Stakeholder Engagement.

The Food Regulation Secretariat also has a stakeholder contact database for general communication about food regulation matters. Please complete a registration form and email it to the Food Regulation Secretariat if you would like to subscribe.