Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation Communiqué 20 July 2012

Page last updated: 23 July 2012

Australian and New Zealand ministers responsible for the regulation of food met via teleconference today to consider the treatment of general level health claims in the draft Standard for Nutrition, Health and Related Claims.

Ministers reached agreement on a preferred approach for a regulatory system for general level health claims which includes pre-approved food-health relationships as well as the option of self-substantiation of new claims which comply with detailed criteria that would be set out in the Standard.

Ministers built on their previous agreement, confirming support for the use of a nutrient profiling scoring criteria (NPSC) to ensure that health claims only appear on healthy foods. This means that foods that contain high levels of sugar, fat and salt will not be able to claim health benefits.

Ministers asked the Food Regulation Standing Committee and Food Standards Australia New Zealand to work together and continue to consult with public health groups, consumers, industry and officials in further developing the approach to general level health claims in the standard for Nutrition, Health and Related Claims.

Ministers agreed to extend the review period for the Standard until 31 October 2012.