Associate Professor Martyn Kirk

Biography of Associate Professor Kirk, member of the CDI Editorial Advisory Board

Page last updated: 03 September 2014

National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Research School of Population Health, The Australian National University.

A/Professor Kirk is Head of the Master of Philosophy in Applied Epidemiology (MAE) program offered by the Australian National University. The MAE is the Australian Field Epidemiology Training Program. A/Professor Kirk has worked for the over twenty years in state and territory and federal health departments in the areas of food, water and infectious diseases. In 2000, A/Professor Kirk was appointed as the Coordinating Epidemiologist of OzFoodNet to establish it as a national network for the investigation of foodborne diseases. A/Professor Kirk regularly consults for governments and the World Health Organization on enteric diseases and environmentally-mediated diseases. A/Professor Kirk is a member of the Communicable Diseases Network Australia and the WHO advisory body - the Foodborne Disease Epidemiology Reference Group.