Health Protection Fund

This page contains information on the Health Protection Fund

Page last updated: 08 April 2014

The Health Protection Fund provides a flexible funding pool to support activities to prepare for and respond to changing health protection priorities such as national health emergencies, communicable disease outbreaks, natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

The Health Protection Fund consolidates eleven programs and will support activities, projects and purchase of goods that contribute to, and build capacity and capability, in national preparedness to respond to health emergencies and risks that may arise through communicable disease outbreaks, natural disasters, environmental and chemical threats and acts of terrorism.

The operation of the funds are determined by Fund Guidelines specific to each flexible fund that will set out their objectives and priorities.

Activities to be supported under the Health Protection Fund include those currently supported under:

  • National Medical StockpileStorage and Maintenance of pharmaceuticals
  • National Medical StockpileStorage and Maintenance of non pharmaceuticals
  • Northern BordersAirport Response
  • Health Security and Counter-Terrorism Response Capacity
  • Independent National Influenza Centre
  • Investment in preventive healthenvironmental health
  • National Public HealthHealth Emergency Planning Response
  • Pandemic Communications
  • Australian Human Pituitary Hormone Programcompensation and legal activities
  • Antivenin production (manufacture of antivenin products)
  • Home Quarantine Support System

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