Online version of the 2012-13 Department of Health and Ageing Annual Report

Connecting with the Community

Page last updated: 29 October 2013

Social Media

Communication is integral to the Department’s engagement with Australians – and social media is a key part of this. Social media is helping the Department connect with the community in ways that are meaningful to people. Through social media, the Department shares information about health and ageing policies and programs.

Key projects delivered during 2012-13 included:

  • Using Twitter to share important information, in real time, about immunisation during the SBS Television documentary, Jabbed.
  • Creating and sharing information videos on our website and YouTube, including eHealth case studies.
  • Sharing images from our website and portfolio agency websites on Pinterest, including health campaign materials for download.
  • Using Facebook to connect with university students about the Department’s Graduate Development Program.
  • Developing iPhone and Android apps to make it easier for people to access health information on mobile devices.
  • Using blogs to engage with the community on specific programs and health campaigns, including the Aged Care Complaints Scheme.

The Department’s verified Twitter account provides links and information about health and ageing from Department and portfolio agency websites. At 30 June 2013, the account had 10,099 followers.

We look forward to building on these achievements in years ahead.

Mobile phone showing the app for ‘my child’s ehealth record.

The my child’s eHealth record12 app is for Australian health care consumers with children under the age of

14 years. It allows parents and authorised representatives to access the child’s eHealth record and add and view information about the child’s development.

Search function for the National Health Services Directory.

The National Health Services Directory13 app is a national health information resource supported by all Australian governments. It provides information such as location and opening hours for GPs, pharmacies, emergency departments and hospitals straight to your mobile, whenever and wherever you might need it across Australia.

An app for the ‘Quit for you Quit for two’ campaign.

The Quit For You, Quit For Two smartphone14 app (for iPhone and Android) is designed to help women fight the urge to smoke by distracting them using games, providing words of encouragement and baby facts.