Application for a Variation of Conditions Of Allocation – Residential Respite

Residential Respite Application for a Variation of Conditions Of Allocation

Page last updated: 07 July 2010

You may download the application form in PDF or Word format:

Application for a Variation of Conditions Of Allocation – Residential Respite (PDF 489 KB)
Application for a Variation of Conditions Of Allocation – Residential Respite (Word 888 KB)

This application form should be used by approved providers to apply for a variation of the conditions of allocation for places that have taken effect, where the only condition to be varied relates to the number of respite days. If you wish to apply for a variation of other conditions associated with residential care, or to vary the conditions for community or flexible care places, please use the form, ‘Application for a variation of conditions of allocation – residential, community and flexible care places’.

Under section 17-2 of the Aged Care Act 1997 (the Act), an approved provider to whom a place has been allocated may apply in writing to the Secretary to vary the specific conditions to which the allocation is subject under section 14-5.

All allocations of places to an approved provider are subject to general conditions under section 14-6 of the Act. These general conditions apply to all types of places including community care places. They cannot be varied.

The questions in this form reflect the provisions of Division 17 of the Act and Part 8 of the Allocation Principles 1997 (the Principles).

The application must be made no later than 60 days before the proposed variation day. If you need to lodge this application in less than the 60 day period, you should discuss this with the Department and complete Attachment 1. If approved, the proposed day of variation specified in the application to the Department becomes the variation day. The approved changes cannot be recognised by the Department to have taken effect before the variation day. Providers who subsequently find that they require a different variation day to the one specified on the application will need to contact the Department and advise the Secretary in writing of the proposed change.

If the places proposed to be varied are allocated to more than one service, a separate application form must be submitted in respect of each service.

If further information is needed to determine the application, the Secretary may give notice to the applicant under section 17-3 of the Act, requesting that the further information required be provided within 28 days.
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