Decision-Making Tool: Supporting a Restraint Free Environment in Community Aged Care

A restraint-free environment means no words, devices or actions will interfere with a person’s ability to make a decision or restrict their free movement.

Page last updated: 04 December 2012

This information has been designed to stimulate discussion between staff working in community aged care services about how to ensure restraint-free care of clients being cared for in their own home.

The use of restraint confronts a person’s rights and dignity and, in some cases, may subject them to an increased risk of physical harm and/or psychological harm. Care workers and case managers need to identify, in a proactive approach with clients, how to prevent situations that may lead to a perceived need for restraint.

With a restraint free approach, the use of any restraint must always be the last resort after exhausting all reasonable alternative management options.

The new tool kit comprises:

  • a hand book, Supporting a Restraint Free Environment in Community Aged Care;
  • an A3 poster, Making a Decision Flow Chart – for display where staff can access them for care planning (2 copies);
  • a check list for use by care workers to assist in early identification of behaviour issues - for photocopying and distribution as required (6 copies);
  • a Relatives/Carers Information Leaflet – for photocopying and distribution as required (6 copies).
These document is available for download in PDF and HTML: Kits are available in print ready format by completing the aged care free publications order form.

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