Demographic Data

Page last updated: 04 May 2018

Selected demographic data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics using Estimated Resident Population (ERP) or Place of Usual Residence (PURP) are available in the downloadable Excel sheets. Data is provided at both the Primary Health Network (PHN) level and Statistical Area Level 3 (SA3).
Note: Excel Workbooks may contains formulas; On opening a warning message may appear.

Population Report 2012-2016 ERP (Excel 524 KB)
Language and Cultural Diversity – 2016 PURP (Excel 675 KB)
Employment – 2016 PURP (Excel 2.8 MB)
Disability 2016 PURP (Excel 2.7 MB)
Education and Qualification – 2016 PURP (Excel 231 KB)

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