Comprehensive Management Framework for the MBS

The Comprehensive Management Framework for the MBS was announced by the Government in the 2011-12 Budget and will improve MBS management and governance into the future.

Page last updated: 16 May 2011

There are two main components:

  1. Independent expert advice on all new services - the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) is an independent expert committee established to provide advice to the Government on the strength of the evidence relating to services involving new and emerging technologies and medical procedures, and the circumstances under which public funding should be supported. MSAC will be expanded to provide the Government with independent expert advice on all new proposed health services to be funded by the MBS and other significant proposed changes to the MBS; and
  2. Rolling reviews of the quality, safety and fee levels of existing MBS items will be undertaken to examine the evidence of the clinical quality and appropriateness of existing MBS items and MBS fees in order to maximise health outcomes for patients. MSAC will provide independent advice on the outcome of reviews.

Funding was previously provided under the MBS Quality Framework to develop and trial processes for reviewing existing MBS items. To date four reviews have been undertaken and are currently being prepared for public comment prior to consideration by MSAC.

Over the past two years the Department has consulted widely with stakeholders through a large number of bilateral meetings with peak stakeholder organisations, as well as through public input to discussion papers and focus groups and in trials of new listing and review processes for MBS items in relation to the MBS Quality Framework. Broad consultation also occurred throughout the conduct and implementation of the Review of Health Technology in Australia (HTA Review), which also informed the development of the Comprehensive Management Framework for the MBS. The Department will continue to seek advice from these stakeholders as implementation of the Comprehensive Management Framework for the MBS progresses.