Primary Care Reference Groups Consultation - Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Taskforce reports

Page last updated: 15 March 2019

Please see the below information relating to the consultation process for the Primary Care Reference Groups. Please note, these reports can also be read in conjunction with the General Practice and Primary Care Clinical Committee reports.

The reports for the Primary Care Reference Groups are open for consultation until 17 May 2019.

Further feedback outside of the consultation period is welcomed by the Department at all times. Please direct your feedback to

Information sessions

  • Webinars will be held in March 2019 (exact dates and times to be advised).
  • The webinars are designed to provide information on the upcoming consultation process for all key stakeholders including the general public.

Written submissions

  • Written submissions can be submitted to An online questionnaire is also currently under development.

Stakeholder forums

  • Stakeholder forums will be held from 18 March to 5 April 2019 (exact dates and times to be advised).
  • Stakeholders will be invited to attend a specific session in order to provide their feedback on a specific Primary Care Reference Group report. It is anticipated that these stakeholder forums will be held at the same time as an existing sector forum.

Consumers and the general public

  • Consumers and the general public are invited to provide a written submission via the online questionnaire listed above.
  • Alternatively, please contact your representative peak body to provide your feedback.

Taskforce reports

Please find the links below to the Taskforce reports that are open for consultation as per the above information:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Reference Group

Allied Health Reference Group

Mental Health Reference Group

Nurse Practitioner Reference Group

Participating Midwife Reference Group