Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services

Indigenous and Rural Health Division funded organisations for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Page last updated: 03 December 2013

The Indigenous Health Service Delivery Division provides funding for primary health care, chronic disease prevention, child and maternal health and other activities to around 250 organisations. Of these 250 organisations approximately 160 are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled. The remaining organisations are comprised of Government (including State, Territory and local) and non-government organisations.

Funded organisations provide a range of services including: primary health care health promotion and education, screening, immunisation and counselling, as well as specific programs such as eye and ear health and sexual health.

The IRHD is undertaking a review to examine a number of models that could be used to determine how much funding organisations receive to deliver primary health care services. For more information, read about the IRHD Primary Health Care Funding Review