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Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Team

The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Team assists potential applicants for HTA for reimbursement where the applicant is uncertain about the funding program for which their technology may be eligible, or where their technology may need to be assessed by more than one expert advisory committee, such as in the case of a co-dependent technology.

Role of the HTA Team

The role of the HTA Team is to:
  • provide a single point of contact to help applicants throughout Australian Government HTA for reimbursement processes, especially where a co-dependent or hybrid technology is involved and it is unclear under which funding program (MBS, PBS or Prostheses List) an application should be made;
  • determine the most appropriate expert advisory committee(s) to appraise the technology;
  • identify the most appropriate assessment pathway for an application;
  • conduct an initial risk and impact assessment and determine the most appropriate methodology to be used in assessing the technology;
  • ensure the timely assessment and appraisal of co-dependent and hybrid technologies, or technologies being assessed concurrently for both public and private reimbursement and coordinate the provision of comprehensive advice to the Minister for Health; and
  • achieve synergies through sharing and sustaining HTA expertise across the expert advisory committee secretariats.

Contact the HTA Team

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(02) 6289 7550
The HTA Team
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