National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

The National Drug Strategy 2010-2015: consultation draft

A framework for action on alcohol, tobacco, illegal and other drugs.

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Victoria was unable to agree to the release of this draft prior to the calling of that state's election and going into caretaker.

Introduction and invitation for submissions

The Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy is releasing this draft of the National Drug Strategy 2010-2015 for consultation with stakeholders and the community.

The draft has been developed following a period of initial consultation involving:
  1. The release of a consultation paper in December 2009
  2. A public submission process which closed at the end of February 2010
  3. Roundtables with stakeholders in April 2010
Submissions are sought on this consultation draft of the Strategy by 8pm (AEDT), Friday 10 December 2010. Submissions can be made via the internet at or can be mailed to:

National Drug Strategy 2010-2015 Consultations
MDP 701
GPO Box 9848

Council of Australian Government (COAG) reforms

Readers should note that COAG reforms currently under consideration may impact on the finalisation of aspects of the strategy. In April 2010:

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