When it comes to talking about drugs, extensive research conducted with Australian parents and children tells us that young people appreciate parental advice and look to their parents for their views.

However, they will expect you to be informed, upfront and honest, and, if you show you are listening to them, they are more likely to listen to you.

We have put together a range of information that will help you connect with your kids. While it may seem hard, the best thing you can do is reach out.

The National Drugs Campaign aims to support parents of 13–17 year olds in their efforts to discuss and discourage illicit drug use with their children. Parents will have access to clear strategies and resources such as fact sheets and online information regarding illicit drugs, including contact information for the support, counselling and drug treatment services available to help their children avoid use.

One of the most effective deterrents to drug use among young people is a parent who wants to spend time with them – someone who talks with them about their friends, what goes on at school, the sport they play and what interests them.

The more parents and other family members get involved in children’s lives, the more positive young people will feel about themselves and the more likely they will be to respond favourably to their family’s views.

Specific campaign materials have been developed to help young people and parents understand more about the harmful effects of illicit drug use. More information on the Campaign can be found website

This section includes tips for talking with your children about drugs and information about reasons teenagers may use drugs.

Information for parents - printable fact sheet (PDF 73 KB)

Information for parents - HTML

Services for parents, family and friends

Family Drug Support

Family Drug Support is an organisation for those who need help with someone they love. It's made up of volunteers who've experienced the trauma of having family members with drug problems first-hand.

Ted Noffs Foundation

The Ted Noffs Foundation provides essential services for young people and their families who are experiencing drug and alcohol problems and related trauma.

Services for parents, family and friends - printable fact sheet (PDF 54 KB)

If you required an accessible version of any of these documents please contact the National Drugs Campaign Team

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