Encouraging Good Health through Sport

Australian school children will be encouraged to take part in sport-based physical activity before, during or after school through the Abbott Government’s new Sporting Schools initiative.

Page last updated: 13 May 2014

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13 May 2014

The 2014-15 Budget delivers more than $100 million for schools to run activities across 35 major sports, such as football, netball, tennis and gymnastics, for three terms each year.

The initiative will directly link schools with sporting clubs to drive ongoing participation. Teachers will be able to access a range of training guides and coaching courses.

It will benefit around 850,000 children across more than 5,000 primary schools and 80 secondary schools across Australia. On average, it is expected that each grant would be worth around $1700.

The initiative is part of the Abbott Government’s commitment to tackle increasing levels of obesity, particularly among children.

One in every four of our kids is overweight or obese.

The Government knows that regular exercise and good nutrition are paramount in reducing obesity and reducing the risk of kids developing lifestyle-related chronic diseases like diabetes.

Physical inactivity is estimated to cost the Australian health care system $1.5 billion a year in avoidable costs as a result of chronic disease.

This is unsustainable from both a health and economic perspective.

Involving children in sport-based physical activity within the school setting will encourage a lifelong interest in sport.

All schools throughout Australia will be able to register for Sporting Schools through an online, interactive website.

The new Sporting Schools initiative will replace the Active After-school Communities programme and provide access for more children across Australia.

The new Sporting Schools initiative will start in 2015.

The Government is making decisions that repair the Budget, strengthen the economy and prepare Australia for the long term challenges before us.

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