Public Service Modernisation Fund

This measure will enable the Health portfolio to improve efficiency across identified areas within the department and agencies. Funding for the improvements is allocated from the $500 million Public Service Modernisation Fund, which was announced in the 2016–17 Budget, with funding provided in the Contingency Reserve.

Page last updated: 09 May 2017

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Why is this important?

The Public Service Modernisation Fund included two streams: $150 million for Agency Sustainability and $350 million for Transformation and Innovation. The Agency Sustainability Stream was targeted at entities experiencing significant financial sustainability and operational viability difficulties. This stream will provide one-off funding for initiatives that improve these entities’ productivity and efficiency, as well as their ongoing sustainability.

  • Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority: End of Tenancy Refit and Relocation Expenses.
  • Fit-out to condense leased office space in line with reduced ASL requirements, decreasing ongoing property and associated costs.
  • Australian Sports Commission (ASC): Whole of Government Approach for Australian Sports Commission Digital Presence.
  • Improve the user experience of the ASC’s external digital presence, aligning it with whole-of-government policy, standards and direction.
  • National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC): Streamlining and Enhancing the NHMRC Grant Assignment and Outcomes Reporting.
  • Full scale implementation of two prototype applications that automate resource-intensive and repetitive tasks within the grants administration process.

The Transformation and Innovation stream will provide funding to entities, or groups of entities, to support new and continuing initiatives which modernise, transform and improve the efficiency of the public sector.

  • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare: Data Integration Partnership for Australia (cross-portfolio joint initiative)
  • Support the centralised data analytics hub for whole-of-government policy and budget analysis; and
  • Link data to produce enduring longitudinal and integrated data assets.
  • Department of Health: Data Integration Partnership for Australia (cross-portfolio joint initiative)
  • Establishing a secure whole-of-government platform for managing access to health, aged care, and other data;
  • Expand and enhance health and aged care data currently held by the Department; and
  • Make data assets available to approved agencies for policy development evaluation and research.
  • Department of Health: Shared and Common Services – Developing the Capability of Provider Hubs (cross-portfolio joint initiative)
  • Support the transition of the Department to the Streamlining Grants Administration Program; and
  • Improved data exchange within the program.

The funding outcomes for the Health Portfolio will be reflected as part of the Finance Portfolio measures in the 2017–18 Budget.

Who will benefit?

The nation benefits from improved efficiency and productivity within the Department of Health, its agencies and the broader public sector.

How much will this cost?

Funding of $29.4 million from 2017–18 to 2019–20 has already been provisioned by the Government.

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