Supporting No Jab No Pay – improving awareness and uptake of immunisation

This measure supports a $5.5 million, three-year awareness campaign to encourage parents and carers to have children under five years of age vaccinated. The aim of this campaign is to ensure all Australian children are fully vaccinated before starting school.

Page last updated: 09 May 2017

PDF version: Supporting No Jab No Pay – improving awareness and uptake of immunisation (PDF 123 KB)

Why is this important?

Research shows that when people are fully informed about the benefits of vaccination, they are more likely to vaccinate.

Through the successful No Jab No Pay program, the Australian Government supports vaccination as an effective and safe tool to prevent the spread of many diseases that cause hospitalisation, serious ongoing health conditions and sometimes death.

Public support for immunisation is high, but some parents continue to have concerns about the safety of vaccines. While national coverage is 93 per cent, there are still some areas where it is as low as 64 per cent. These pockets of low coverage pose risks to the community, especially to people who cannot be immunised because they are too young or for medical reasons.

Primarily through social media, an awareness campaign will explain the benefits of childhood vaccinations for both the individual and the community, including addressing myths and misconceptions. A strong brand and digital presence will be developed, and people will have one-stop shop online access to information.

The Government’s interim target is to have 95 per cent of all Australian children immunised, so that even people who are too young to be vaccinated or have a medical condition that prevents them from being vaccinated will be protected.

Who will benefit?

This measure will contribute to ensuring that all children around the country are fully vaccinated before starting school.

Clear, coherent and evidence-based information will ensure pregnant women and families with children under five, along with early childhood settings such as child care services, family day care and play groups, are better informed about immunisation.

How much will this cost?

The total value of the campaign is $5.5 million. This measure will cost $4 million from 2017–18 to 2018–19, with the additional $1.5 million already allocated in 2016–17.

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