Guaranteeing Medicare – development of the health care homes trial

This measure phases the start of services under the Health Care Homes model from 1 October 2017 for up to 20 Health Care Homes, with the remaining 180 Health Care Homes to begin on 1 December 2017. These implementation arrangements are based on advice from the clinician-led Health Care Homes Implementation Advisory Group.

Page last updated: 09 May 2017

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It also enables Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people enrolled in Health Care Homes to claim Indigenous health assessments through Medicare, in addition to the Health Care Home claiming the bundled payment.

The Government will invest $30 million with community pharmacies to incorporate medication management programs within Health Care Homes.

A further $5 million will fund a quality general practice research pilot over 18 months where practices are supported to provide continuity of care for their patients across the health system.

Why is this important?

Heath Care Homes are the Australian Government’s flagship primary health care reform. They introduce a new way to fund and deliver health care for the increasing numbers of Australians with chronic and complex conditions. One in four Australians has at least two chronic health conditions.

Phasing the start of services will ensure that the training, tools and resources that Health Care Homes need are available and developed to a high standard. This will ensure the capability of general practices and Aboriginal community-controlled health services to provide high quality care to enrolled Health Care Homes patients.

Who will benefit?

A phased implementation of Health Care Homes will mean patients with chronic and complex conditions who are eligible to receive Health Care Home services will receive best practice care.

Selected practices will have longer to ensure their practice is ready to deliver flexible, coordinated Health Care Homes services.

How much will this cost?

This measure will cost $0.2 million from 2016–17 to 2019–20.

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