Australian Government 2010-11 Health and Ageing Portfolio Budget Statements

The 2010-11 Health and Ageing Portfolio Budget Statements informs Senators and Members of Parliament of the proposed allocation of resources to Government outcomes and programs, by agencies within the portfolio.

Page last updated: 18 June 2010

Budget Related Paper No. 1.11

Download 2010-11 Health and Ageing Portfolio Budget Statements (PDF 3.92 MB)

The 2010-11 Health and Ageing Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) can be viewed below as Portable Document Format (PDF) files or Rich Text Format (RTF) files, however, we have not provided an RTF version of the full PBS due to its excessive size.

Please note that corrections have been made to the PBS. If printing the full PBS, please print the corrections.

The Portfolio Budget Statements can be viewed in parts below:


This document contains corrections to the PBS. Please consult this document if: you are viewing a complete copy of the PBS; or if you are viewing Department of Health and Ageing Overview and Resources, Outcome 4, Outcome 8, Outcome 10, Outcome 14, Budgeted Financial Statements, or General Practice Education and Training Ltd.

Corrections have been made on pages: 27, 53, 160, 265, 267, 281, 372, 392, 393, 395, and 658.

Corrections (PDF 38 KB)
Corrections (RTF 569 KB)


This section contains three components: Introduction; the Letter of Transmittal; and the Contents Page.

User Guide

Provides an overview of the structure and purpose of the 2010-11 Portfolio Budget Statements.

Portfolio Overview

Provides a general overview of the Health and Ageing Portfolio, its Outcome structure and the Portfolio summary.
Department Overview and Resources (PDF 234 KB)
Department Overview and Resources (RTF 1.12 MB)
* Please refer to the Corrections document above when viewing this section.

Department Resources and Planned Performance

Details the links between Program resources, Program contributions and performance information for each of the Department's 15 outcomes, which will be reported in the Department's 2010-11 Annual Report.

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