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Annual Report - Performance Information
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Performance Information for Administered Items

Administered Funding – Private Health Program:
  • Private Health Insurance.
Target: Quantity: Maintain the number of people covered by private health insurance.
Result: Target met. 8.85 million people had private health insurance for hospital cover in 2005-06 compared to 8.70 million in 2004-05.
Target: Quantity: Increased proportion of in-hospital episodes delivered to private patients in public and private hospitals. Target: increased proportion compared with pre-reform proportion (June 2000, 32.7%).
Result: Target met. 34.8% in 2004-05 (latest available data), an increase from 34.0% in 2003-04 and 32.7% in 1998-99.

Performance Information for Departmental Outputs

Output Group 1. Policy Advice, including:
  • Private Health Insurance; and
  • 2005-06 Budget measures.
Target: Quality: Ministers' satisfaction with the quality, relevance and timeliness of our advice for Australian Government decision making.
Result: Target met. Ministers were satisfied with the quality, relevance and timeliness of advice provided for Australian Government decision making.
Target: Quality: Production of timely evidence-based policy research.
Result: Target met.

The Department provided high quality and timely evidence-based research and analysis to inform the Australian Government within the timeframes required. This policy research was used as the basis of the development of the April 2006 reform package.

Output Group 2. Program Management, including:
  • financial management and reporting;
  • development and management of grants and contracts; and
  • administration and revision of legislation as required.
Target: Quality: Administered budget predictions are met and actual expenses vary less than 0.5% from budgeted expenses.
Result: Target not met. The actual expenses were 0.9% greater than the budgeted expenses due to more people being covered by private health insurance. The increase in coverage in the four quarters to June 2006 of 147,000 people was the highest four quarter increase since Lifetime Health Cover was introduced in 2000.
Target: Quality: Opportunity for stakeholders to participate in program development.
Result: Target met.

The Department liaised with health funds, private hospitals, day facilities and consumer representatives regularly. These stakeholders have indicated a high level of satisfaction with the quality and timeliness of communications with the Department.

The Department regularly sought input and feedback from these key stakeholders through committees and formal consultations. This has been successful for both formal and informal liaison enabling stakeholder concerns to be addressed in the work of the Department.

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