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Annual Report - Major Achievements
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Major Achievements

  • The Better Treatment for Cancer Patients Program provides improved regional access to radiotherapy with the provision of several new facilities in regional areas of Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.
  • During 2004-05, 317 Up-skilling and Re-entry Scholarships were awarded to rural and remote nurses.
  • Three new Regional Health Services were established. Funding was provided to enable six remote communities to focus on risk factors for chronic disease.
  • A departmental evaluation of the Medical Specialist Outreach Services Program confirmed the program’s success in improving the access of rural and remote communities to medical specialist outreach services. The program provided more than 1,000 medical specialist outreach visits enabling rural and remote Australians to access medical specialist services in their community.


  • difficulty in attracting sufficient applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students for the Pharmacy scholarships; and recruiting and retaining a skilled health workforce in rural and remote areas.

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