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Annual Report - Major Achievements
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Major Achievements

  • Twenty-four of the thirty-one measures in the $2.2 billion Investing in Australia’s Aged Care: More Places, Better Care package were implemented and three commenced on 1 July 2005, with the implementation of the remaining four well advanced.
  • A New Strategy for Community Care - The Way Forward was released in August 2004, with implementation progressed in collaboration with the States and Territories.
  • A new quality reporting initiative was developed for a number of community care programs.
  • A National Aged Care Workforce Strategy was released by the Minister for Ageing in April 2005.


  • A new viability supplement scheme commenced from 1 January 2005. The scheme’s start up was delayed to 1 July 2005 but increased payments were calculated from 1 January 2005.
  • Establishment of a guarantee scheme to strengthen the security of bonds paid by aged care residents was announced in the 2004-05 Budget, and implementation will proceed following further consultations on options to strengthen protection of bonds.

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