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Annual Report - Appendix 4: Discretionary Grants
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Discretionary grants are payments where the Portfolio Minister or paying agency has discretion in determining whether or not a particular applicant receives funding and may or may not impose conditions in return for the grant. The payment can be made to an organisation or individual and is provided without expectation of a service to government in return for the grant. This definition includes program grants as well as ad-hoc and one-off payments and excludes:
  • service agreements, which should now be treated as contracts rather than grants;
  • intra-Commonwealth government funding;
  • payments to States and other government agencies;
  • Specific Purpose Payments, inter-government transfers;
  • payments to overseas aid organisations;
  • Government income support programs;
  • emergency payment programs;
  • grants under commercial industry development programs (including increasing research and development, and assisting exporters);
  • grant programs specifically for educational institutions and medical research institutions;
  • grants approved by Commonwealth bodies outside the General Government Sector; and
  • payments of a specific sum of money or fixed percentage of shared funding to an organisation or individual that are made according to a Cabinet decision, a letter from the Prime Minister, or a determination of a ministerial council.

The Department funds a number of discretionary grant programs. The following list details discretionary grants by outcome within the Department, a brief description of the outcome and the total aggregate payments made in 2004-05. Please note that, due to an administrative error, the value of discretionary grants in 2003-04 was overstated in the 2003-04 Department of Health and Ageing Annual Report. An amended table for the 2003-04 discretionary grants can be found in the Errors and Omissions section of this report.

Outcome Outcome Description
2004-05 $ (GST Incl)
1 To promote and protect the health of all Australians and minimise the incidence of preventable mortality, illness, injury and disability.
2 Access through Medicare to cost-effective medical services, medicines and acute health care for all Australians.
3 Support for healthy ageing for older Australians and quality and cost-effective care for frail older people and support for their carers.
4 Improved quality, integration and effectiveness of health care.
5 Improved health outcomes for Australians living in regional, rural and remote locations.
6 To reduce the consequences of hearing loss for eligibly clients and the incidence of hearing loss in the broader community.
7 Improved health status for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
8 A viable private health industry to improve the choice of health services for Australians.
9 Knowledge, information and training for developing better strategies to improve the health of Australians.

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