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Annual Report - Achievements & Challenges
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Major Achievements

  • Implemented seven National Primary Rural Health projects that focused on healthy lifestyle choices and preventable injury and 31 Building Healthy Communities in Remote Australia projects to support remote communities to resolve locally identified health priorities as part of the Rural Primary Health Projects Program.
  • Established four new Regional Health Services in remote areas of Western Australia.
  • Implemented the new Rural Allied Health Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme, with scholarships awarded in April 2006. The scheme assists eligible students in rural areas with the costs associated with attending university.
  • Completed the biennial funding round for the Rural Health Support, Education and Training Grants Program, which aims to enhance rural and remote communities’ access to effective health services by providing funding to improve recruitment and retention of health care workers through education, training and support.


  • Delays in identifying suitable organisations to auspice some Regional Health Services and Building Healthy Communities in Remote Australia initiatives in remote areas affected their subsequent establishment.
  • Continuing difficulty was experienced in recruiting and retaining a skilled health workforce in rural and remote areas. However, positive outcomes are being experienced from a range of workforce support mechanisms and professional development opportunities, including an increase in the number of general practitioners in rural areas.

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