Healthy for Life

Providing improved services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. For you, your baby, your family and your community.

Page last updated: 20 September 2013

The Healthy for Life program is an Australian Government program which seeks to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It aims to improve the quality of life for people with a chronic condition and, over time, reduce the incidence of adult chronic disease.

The objectives of Healthy for Life are to:

    • Improve the availability of child and maternal health care;
    • Improve the prevention, early detection and management of chronic disease;
    • Improve men’s health;
    • Improve the long-term health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; and
    • Increase the capacity of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce through the Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme.
Currently around 100 primary health care services are participating in the program in 57 sites located in urban, regional and remote centres across the country. The flexibility of the Healthy for Life program enables services to develop priorities in line with local needs and to shift these priorities over time as needs and circumstances change.

Funding for the program is ongoing.

Should you require further information please email OATSIH Enquiries.

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