Bonded Medical Places (BMP) Scheme

The Bonded Medical Places (BMP) Scheme is intended to provide more doctors for areas experiencing doctor shortages.

Page last updated: 26 November 2015

A percentage of all first year Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) in Australian medical schools are allocated to the Scheme. Students accepting a BMP commit to working in a district of workforce shortage or Modified Monash Model location 4-7 area of their choice during their return of service period.

From 2016, the BMP will become part of the Health Workforce Scholarship Programme (HWSP). The HWSP was announced in the 2015-16 Federal Budget. This Budget measure will streamline existing health workforce scholarships into a single programme, creating consistency in support and obligations and providing greater flexibility to respond to health workforce priorities.

From 2016, the conditions under which the BMP will operate will be similar to the other health workforce scholarships available through the new Scheme.

Separate web pages have been established for those participants who joined the Scheme in 2015 and earlier, and for those who will join from 2016 and beyond, when the BMP will become a component of the new HWSP.

2016 and later

For all information regarding the BMP Scheme for participants who joined in 2016 or later.

2015 and previously

For all information regarding the BMP Scheme for participants from the 2015 or earlier.

Further Information

For further information call the BMP hotline on 1800 987 104 or send an email to BMPScheme

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Important Information for New Zealand Citizens
If you are a New Zealand citizen, you will require an Australian Permanent Resident Visa to be eligible for a BMP Scheme place. Special Category Visas are not considered permanent resident visas for the purposes of the scheme. For further information regarding your residency status, please phone 1800 987 104 (freecall)